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    Slender Charming & Confident
    only WOWFIT can make it comes true

    塑身纤体 魅力自信
    唯有 WOWFIT 做得到
    Slender Charming & Confident
    only WOWFIT can make it comes true

    塑身纤体 魅力自信
    唯有 WOWFIT 做得到
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    Gently One Touch,
    Gets Rid Of Body Fats
    Gently One Touch, restores tende flawless skin
    Gently One Touch, reveal self-confident

    轻轻一抹, 恢复娇嫩弹肌
    10 drops on waist and abdominal area
    and promote good circulation good
    and get rid of excessive fats


About Us

EROYAL: The Source of Youth in e-Era

EROYAL is a subsidiary of CAMBIO GROUP SDN BHD which serves as a professional global integrated anti-aging and healthcare platform. In line with the needs of healthcare industry cluster and the stringent standards of manufacturing and sales, EROYAL strives to seek solutions from all over the world, in order to deliver the world’s top technologies and products featuring natural and nutritious formulation, leading life science and technology, stringent quality management, professional and meticulous service for life-quality-oriented people and ultimately creates an efficient and smart global anti-aging and healthcare platform.

In year 2016, EROYAL takes the advantage of the rapid development of network marketing to forge strategic partnerships with the world’s leading manufacturers specialized in biotechnology, beauty, healthcare and nutritional products. Its transformative business model is used to operate the world’s leading anti-aging and healthcare technology. By utilizing the network media, it swiftly enables more people to experience the unparalleled effect, not only to achieve the dream of restoring youth, but also to bring health, youth, beauty and wealth into every person's life.

Five-star management to create healthy lifestyle
1 Body management: Keep fit and get in shape
2 Beauty management: Skin care and makeup for gorgeous look
3 Health management: Internal health conditioning to revitalize the body’s best functions
4 Youth management: Fight aging to regain youth
5 Wealth management: Rapidly achieve sustainable and rewarding income via sharing of excellent products


【WOWFIT SERUM】Skin Lifting Skin Revitalizing

4 Major Steps Of Perfect Body Shape

Effectively Clears the body of various parts of the lymphatic and meridians, and rapidly eliminates cellular tissue.

Helps to regulate the balance of Yin and yang, in order to eliminate excess body fat and edema more effectively.

Get rid of damp, waste and toxins in the body, thereby reducing the accumulation of subcutaneous fat.

Accelerate the break down process of stubborn body fats, promotes fat hydrolysis, helps to get rid of rates easily.

__Active Ingredients______________________________

Cellactive Shape
- Caffeine
- Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract
- Chlorella Vulgaris Proteine Ferment

Significantly improve the appearance of cellulite. It works together with other natural ingredients such as caffeine, Coleus forskohlii and cell enhancer factor to promote fat metabolism, thereby enhance detoxification function and improve skin firmness.

The hydrolyzed protease isolated from papaya leaves and green papaya milk is responsible for the breakdown of protein into ionized peptides, primarily used to fight against cellulite.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract
Possess soothing effect. Naturally protect your skin against environmental stressors. High antioxidant capacity and vitamin contents, help improve skin firmness.

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract
Ginkgo contains high levels of terpenoids, which promote blood circulation, thereby boosting metabolism and helping you burn calories more effectively.

__4 Breakthrough Benefits__________

Perfect & Protect
After the absorption of moisture factors, it built up a protective layer to skin, perfectly protect the skin and leaving skin hydrated and bright all day long.

Burn & Reorganize
It helps in expanding body cells, reconstructing the water absorption function of skin, lt decomposes the subcutaneous tissue and promotes fat burning effect.

Resolve and Eradicate
Powerful Penetration of high-tech nanotechnology, from outside to inside,laye by layer,it releases the resolve factors and moisture factors, eradicate from the source of storing body fats, yet it bring no harm to the skin.

Tighten & Repair
The released water factors help to moisturize the skin, repair lax skin cells, and then tighten skin, restore the young and firm skin.

Do you Know? one bottle of wowfit serum equal to ....

72 hours of swimming

180 hours of cycling

84 hours of badminton paying

200 hours of jogging


1. When can I see the result?

This is a topical product which is for external use only. It has 2 stages of cell metabolism cycle before we can see the result. It usually takes about 15-20 days. However, rest assures that during this process, you can feel a smoother skin, and body start shape & tone up. Shirt will start to feel lose.

2. How can I achieve leg shaping effectively

For best body shaping result, you must be discipline to follow the massage technique, healthy eating habit (reduce sugar, carbohydrate & fatty food & drink) and exercise 15 minutes every day.

3. When to use WOWFIT Serum?

Use 1-2 times each day after shower or wipe clean body. Apply 20-30 drops of WOWFIT Serum on target high fat deposit body area such as wrist, arm, waist, lower abdomen, buttocks, and thighs from bottom to top direction of massage

4. Can we use WOWFIT Serum during period/menstruation?

Yes. You may continue to use WOWFIT Serum during menstruation. There will not be side effect because WOWFIT Serum is targeting fat tissue and cell but not ovary.

__About combine synergistic__ Do we need to combine apply with the massage cream or based oil?

No need, direct use, apply in desired body parts of the body.

__About Cleaning__ Do we need to shower before apply?

Its best to shower before apply WOWFIT Serum, moisture body will help in open pores and lead to better absorption.

__About wrapping__Do we need to wrap after apply WOWFIT Serum?

Better effect if wrap with plastic, if use blanket also can. Theory is the same. It is to increase body temperature and increase absorption into our body.

__About massage__How long do we need to massage after apply WOWFIT Serum?

Massage on desire body part for 5 minutes until WOWFIT Serum oil is fully absorbed.

__About slimming__One bottle of WOWFIT serum can slim for how many kg?

Apply WOWFIT Serum on the fat area for 5 minutes until is fully absorbed.

__About sensitive___Will wowfit serum cause skin sensitive?

Different body will have different respond. Normally, WOWFIT serum will not cause skin sensitive, but better to try on wrist first!

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